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Door To Door leaflet distribution


Whether you call it leaflet distribution, flyer distribution, letterbox marketing, door drop marketing or leaflet delivery, the end result is indisputable: delivering promotional material via leaflets is one of the most potent, flexible and cost-effective advertising methods available.
Think also about the targeting potential of leaflet distribution. No other form of media can create such doormat impact – placing the client’s promotion in the hands of potential customers in their own homes. We at Neighbourhood are specialists in solus distribution.

1) Solus Leaflet Drop Gives You Maximum Impact :

The delivery of a single promotional item on its own, Solus Distribution is the most effective way of getting your message to your target audience. With a maximum coverage area of 1.2 million households, you will have total control over your target market and the timing of the distribution. Using Solus Distribution ensures maximum doormat impact and gives you complete campaign flexibility.

Neighbourhood utilizes a combination of cutting-edge technology and regular back checking to ensure that every distribution is the subject of rigorous quality control. We can guarantee that your message has been delivered in the way you wanted.

2) Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns :

We manage clients’ direct mail campaigns and provide independent solutions to specific client requirements by:

a) Collating various items by hand or machine as appropriate
b) Inserting into envelopes
c) Labelling of envelopes
d) Preparing for mailing and liaising with Royal Mail or other postal provider

3) Sample Distribution & Delivery Service :

Sample distribution is the single most effective way to put clients’ products into the hands of their target market, the first and most important step to breaking down the brand loyalty that exists between consumer and product.

Neighbourhood is able to deliver samples of any size using a flexible range of distribution methods, including:

a) Post the product through the letterbox to all properties
b) Hang the product to the house knobs

4) Street Marketing Services :

We also offer Street Marketing, which is the direct distribution of promotional items to the consumer in town or city centres. Targeting specific groups by visual appraisal lends itself to this method of marketing, and tends to be employed by industry sectors requiring a specific client profile.